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After 25 years of professional DJ experience, Detroit native, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues. This co-founder of the Detroit Techno Militia takes a no-nonsense, working-class approach to the art of spinning records. He says, “If someone's going to pay money to hear me play, I'm going to make it worth their money. There are so many DJs out there meticulously blending tracks that all sound the same. As a listener, I'm bored with that. I like to take risks when I play out. It’s aggressive. I want to give the listener something that they haven't heard before."

As of 2022, T.Linder has performed in 23 U.S. states and 21 countries spanning five continents. After about 5 years of underground education, his first big show was on the Underground Stage at Hart Plaza in Detroit in 2002. Six years later, Linder returned to the same stage at the Movement Electronic Music Festival in 2008. At Movement 2009, he performed with DJ Seoul on four turntables as the Detroit Techno Militia 2x4. At Movement 2011, T.Linder joined his label-mates on the Made In Detroit stage for a five-DJ, five-turntable,all-vinyl, ensemble performance called the DTM 5x5. Linder and Seoul performed on that stage again at Movement 2014 as the DTM 2x4 for Kevin Saunderson’s “Origins” showcase. The following year, at Movement 2015, Detroit Techno Militia’s label was featured in a showcase on the Made In Detroit Stage. There, he teamed up with label mates: DJ Psycho and DJ Seoul as313 The Hard Way. Featuring the three artists on three decks (a formation later featured on the Boiler Room’s “Chicago vs. Detroit” series).In the future, T.Linder plans to continue doing what he does best: creating and playing timeless records around the globe while asserting his position within the rich history of Detroit Techno.

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