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Sard is a live PA artist and producer based in Chicago, IL. His approach to production and performance is at once intelligent and intuitive, drawing on the rigor he adhered to growing up as a classical violinist and his nearly 10 years of experience in the electronic music scene. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sard moved to Detroit in 2016 where he uncovered his current sound--his burgeoning efforts found form within Detroit’s legacy of midwest techno and rave culture. Sard spent five years in Detroit tirelessly performing, promoting, and producing, bringing parties like Equalizer and Tunnel Visions to life while simultaneously deepening his dedication to the dancefloor. He has spent the last year in Chicago, co-producing the Bent parties and working closely with the local dance community.

Sard’s music is a study in hypnosis. His sound is raw and heavy, drawing listeners into its swirling depths in an unending and impeccable groove. In the midwest and internationally, Sard has absorbed the dancefloor’s energy—the community of the rave, sound becoming movement, the expanded sense of pleasure and time—channeling this interplay into his production and performance, creating techno that is uniquely potent and sonically complex.

Throughout his career, Sard has shared the stage with the likes of Justin Cudmore, Uun, Function, Huey Mnemonic, and Shigeto. With releases on Fixed Rhythms, Junted, Mechanical, and his recently co-founded label, Amphiboly Records, Sard is quickly moving from up-and-comer to a namesake artist in electronic music.

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