NEIL V.– Movement Music Festival



Neil V. was born in Detroit and influenced by Detroit. A city internationally known for the deep musical history that ranges from the classic soul of Motown to the future soul of Detroit Techno. Growing up as a child, Neil V. was a student of the Hip-Hop and R&B that he heard on the radio and mixtapes that he traded with friends. At sixteen years old, he was introduced to Detroit Techno when he attended his first Detroit underground warehouse event. From there, he never looked back and started developing his career as a Techno DJ in the city that established the soundtrack of the future.

In the early 2000s, Neil joined the infamous DJ collective and record label, Detroit Techno Militia. After more than twenty five years of experience, his musical aesthetic has evolved from the aggressive records of his youth, into what he calls “a more mature” Techno sound. But make no mistake, he still keeps his hard edge.

Neil V. plays an integral part in Detroit Techno Militia as both a producer and extremely versatile DJ. He has showcased his precise blending style around the world as a solo artist and a necessary member of multiple Detroit Techno Militia group endeavors. Neil V. is the backbone of the crew: On-point. Every time.

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