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Techno is often misconstrued, misquoted, and mishandled by outsiders, so for Detroit- based producer and visual artist Huey Mnemonic, protecting its legacy has become a pursuit. Growing up in Flint, Michigan, he inherited his education on funk, techno, house, and more from his parents and grandparents, sparking his obsession with sound as a youth. In his early teens, he experimented with Fruity Loops and other PC software, honing his craft for almost a decade before deciding to unleash his own creations on the world. Channeling Sci-fi, technology, and the Black American experience into his work, his mission is to both preserve and add to the rich lineage of his region’s homegrown sonic culture.

Inspired by a night out at a rave in 2018, he (under the Mnemonic Deejay handle) composed his debut EP Control Mission, three separate takes on a slice of floor- shaking techno euphoria with elements of UK breakbeat chemistry. He followed up with Joyous Occasion, a self-released digital A/B side of elegant warehouse magic. Soon after he linked up with Ann Arbor-based label Vanity Press who put out his self-titled 12”, an exploration of the diversity of Detroit sounds, part channeling his heroes Jeff Mills and the legendary Drexciya outfit.

Though only putting out music for the last few years, Huey has already built up a remarkable discography in a very short time. His next move is Subsonic Ebonics, a new imprint for future projects, starting with his upcoming EP Virtuosity. With it, he will explore themes of deep space exploration, Afrofuturism, and looking at black electronic music as a form of innovation rooted in inner city pressures. His inspiration for setting up his own shop stems from the long-running tradition of homegrown labels in his area, from Motown, to Underground Resistance. Owning your own label has been a crucial part to telling the story of Detroit music, and Huey’s mission is to advance it forward with his own militant, yet liberating strains of techno and house.

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