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As one of the most iconic artists of her generation, Ellen Allien embodies the core ethos of techno: a visionary who looks to the future for inspiration, carving out her own niche and presiding over an empire that has imbued techno, and dance music culture, with her unique DNA.

Ellen’s eternally creative mind has led to the production of nine solo albums, including her most recent AurAA in 2020, and an extensive back catalogue of singles, EPs and remix work. A dynamic selector who prides herself on her extensive knowledge of music and dance floors worldwide, she has travelled the globe as a DJ playing at every major club on the circuit and commanding the big stage at festivals from Europe to South America.

As a result of her expertise, she holds residencies at the world-renowned Circoloco at DC10 (Ibiza) and Nitsa (Barcelona) with regular bookings across the planet at some of the world’s most prestigious clubs. Ellen also runs her ‘We Are Not Alone’ raves at Revier Südost former Griessmuehle in her beloved hometown Berlin, also hosting in-store record shop gigs under the name Vinylism.

2020 presented an extremely difficult situation for Ellen and the rest of the global electronic music community as clubs and festivals were shut down in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unable to tour in 2020, she conceived the Balcony Streaming sessions, hosted from her home in Berlin. The livestreams allowed her to continue DJing and engaging with her fanbase, while also supporting music from a wide range of artists, new and old. The combination of Ellen’s magnetic personality, exemplary selection and a visually appealing location proving to be popular with fans all over the world.

In her role as head of BPitch, and new label UFO Inc., Ellen channels her ceaseless passion for digging into A&R, seeking out and nurturing new talent while also signing music from established artists and friends. Parallel to her work as label head and producer, she also worked on remixes for seminal labels like Warp and Mute over the last year. Ellen’s leadership at BPitch has steered the label to its standing as one of the most important platforms for underground electronica. BPitch operates in a league of all its own, influencing the scene at home and with a global reach. Never one to look backwards, Ellen Allien’s constant push forward led to the conception of a brand new record label, named UFO Inc. in 2018. The platform is intended to be an incubator for rough, raw techno - an uncompromising stance, as per usual from Ellen. So far the label has welcomed Alien Rain (AKA Milton Bradley) and Heidi Sabertooth, as well as providing an additional space for Ellen to release her own tough productions, designed for the dance floor.

In 2020 Ellen also channeled her curatorial experience into an expansive three-part compilation series. Named after her We Are Not Alone parties, the collection comprised 33 tracks from artists that embody the ethos of the brand; club music with a rugged aesthetic and an unapologetic dance floor focus. We Are Not Alone featured contributions from those who’ve already played, and others who are earmarked for future appearances. The exhaustive lineup of artists included Cosmin TRG, Ryan James Ford, DJ T-1000, Adriana Lopez, Rebekah, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Alien Rain and many more.

On the production tip, Ellen has produced nine albums - a demonstration of her constant flow of creativity and ideas. Her latest LP, AurAA, dropped in June 2020 and of hard-hitting, rave-inspired techno cuts, but all delivered with Ellen’s idiosyncratic sound signature; high-octane beats and distinct use of vocals with irresistible rhythms and grooves, which create listening and emotional qualities that resonate beyond the dancefloor. AurAA was also the subject of a series of remix packages with artists like Hadone, Lady Starlight and Matrixxman among those producing stunning reinterpretations of Ellen’s originals. Her most recent releases are tracks on compilations by the collectives Gegen Berlin and Serendeepity. Before the end of 2021 she'll release the remixes of one of her favorite bands Lebanon Hanover on BPitch - originally created for her own sets and released by popular demand - a new EP for her label UFO Inc, and a remix for Regal.

Also dedicated to self-expression through visual media; art, fashion and her own personal styling, Ellen has been an intrinsic, highly influential part of the subculture in her native Berlin, cultivating her own identity while also guiding the evolution of electronic music in her hometown, and the rest of the world.

A constant source of new ideas, energy and inspiration, Ellen Allien’s comprehensive knowledge and intuitive approach to music is part of her genetic makeup. Her future-facing sound takes influence from the blueprint created by the pioneers of techno, while painting a vivid, prophetic image of where we’re going.

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