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DJ Seoul is the owner and co-founder of the seminal record label and DJ collective, Bang Tech 12, and a major part of the Detroit Techno community for the past three decades. From hosting underground parties in the mid-1990s, to performing at every club, after-hours, dive bar and beyond, this DJ has seen it all in the city that raised him. His past influences his musical style and music selection greatly. As a soldier for the Detroit Techno Militia, he recites the collective’s mantra, “I’m fighting the battle for the soul of the music.” Seoul plays the music that he loves; ranging from Techno, to Electro, to House music. DJ Seoul brings his expertise with a Hip-Hop /Turntablist style of mixing and scratching that is rarely seen in these genres. This style has garnered him worldwide attention leading to multiple world tours and numerous DJ residencies across the globe.

As a Producer, DJ Seoul has released over 50 tracks and remixes. Seoul uses thecomplex rhythms and layers that influenced him as a classical percussionist to create soundscapes for the listener. Through solo projects and collaborations with T.Linder as the DTM 2x4 and A.Litschke under the name Airfare, Seoul’s production work has been featured on numerous labels worldwide. With new releases scheduled for this year, festivals and touring coming back after the pandemic, DJ Seoul doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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