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At the age of 18 Damarii Saunderson was drafted, out of Northville High School, to play for the minor leagues Philadelphia Phillies. He was around 11 when he was first being scouted. However, he was to retire from ‘Baseball’ at around the age of 20 when he received a ‘slap’ tear injury to his throwing shoulder.It was an unfortunate injury, but at the same time it taught him a valuable life lesson and it took him straight into the path of music.Does this story have a ring to it? It should… As Damarii is the eldest son of Kevin Saunderson and Ann Saunderson and like Damarii, Kevin also retired from sport early to pursue his love of music.Fast forward to the end of 2012 (co-incidentally the same year that Dantiez [Damarii’s younger brother] also decided to pursue a career in music) and it would seem that both brothers were harbouring talents that their parents didn’t realise were hidden deep within them.For Damarii (the eldest of three brothers), it was after he retired from ‘baseball’ that he had the opportunity to go on a couple of trips with his Dad and he witnessed the emotion and happiness that the music brought to the people. This was to be one of the moments when he realised that he wanted to start making music himself. He says, it wasn’t a certain song that influenced him, but just the songs in general that his Dad played.“T he DJ’s that I look up to include; Derrick May and my Dad on the ‘Techno’ side (and of course many more), but I’ve also had some commercial influence by listening to the likes of Afro Jack. I really like his style and the energy that he gives to the crowd… Growing up, I listened to a lot of rap and hip hop, but I knew nothing about Electronic Dance Music until I was about 18. That said, I would describe the music I make as having influences of ‘Detroit Techno’. My Dad compares my style to a mixture of himself and Carl Craig, but that can change as I develop my production skills. My Mom and Dad have both inspired me to start making music. That said, my future goal is to simply take what they have done to the next level and I believe in myself to make that happen… Not an easy task, I know, but I’m up for the challenge ;)”… Says, DamariiDamarii’s first production “Shadows” (co-written and co- produced by Andy Lau pka L8M8) is set for release on the 1st April and will be the first release on new label, First Step Recordings (a sub label of Endemic Digital Inc, in the UK). His follow up single “The Anthem” (also co-written and co- produced by Andy), is set for release on KMS Records, later on in the year.Damarii and his younger brother Dantiez , stepped into the world of producing at the same time and although they have two different sounds, it will certainly be interesting to see what could happen if these two forces come together….

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