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ACIDPIMP is a legend among Detroit artists, as a DJ he's performed at some of the most prestigious events alongside the biggest names in techno, has produced tracks played by Djs from Hawtin to Adam X, and as an electronic wizard has designed/built unique musical instruments including the Ultra-Mod TB-303 modulation source, as well as modifying/building equipment for some of Detroit's top producers.

ACIDPIMP (Tom Newman) grew up on 70's funk, thrash-metal, 80's pop-culture, gadgets, video-games, and played in jazz, rock/industrial bands at a very young age, but has been following the path started when he first heard the sound of the TB-303 and Acid House music 3 decades ago. “It was like my brain was itching underneath my skull, and the only way I could get relief was with more acid music...” Always an avid record collector, Tom was recognized by Jason Huvaere (Paxahau,Movement) as having a collection unique to any other DJ in Detroit, and with no prior experience convinced him to DJ at a party with Stacey Pullen at the historic “1217” lofts in 1993. In 1994 he was given the “acidpimp” moniker by Dean Major (legendary Syst3m raves), and Himadri (+8/Teste), and was headlining events throughout the Midwest/Northeast US and SE Canada on a weekly basis in the near-mythical 90's warehouse party era, when thousands would flock to abandoned factories to hear obnoxiously loud sound systems helmed by the world's best DJ's playing brand new forms of music. In 1996 Tom Newman released his first record as acidpimp which would not have happened without direct assistance of Dan Bell and his 7th City distribution. Several more acidpimp records were made, which ranged from electro, to traditional acid house/techno, to experimental tracks that played backwards on the record with the needle from a live turntable scraping the paper label as the “hook”. Many electronic experiments were recorded, as Tom is still well known to take a soldering iron to a new piece of gear to make abnormally unique sounds. By the 2000's most of the events were switching to clubs, and Tom Newman was performing at legendary venues from Motor in Detroit to the original Tresor in Berlin, while releasing several records as Poker on D-Records, then a sub-label of M-nus. From 2002-2005 Tom was weekly resident at the esteemed Works after-hours club in Detroit, and continued to throw events under his own Friction-Detroit brand, which featured artists such as Function, Regis, Chris-Leibing; etc. From the 2010's on Tom continued to play the latest releases, showcasing a darker side of rhythmic techno and acid house, without adhering to typical trends, while releasing more diverse sounding music such as 2012's Dirthouse album on Snork Enterprises (Berlin), and 2018's Loop Nine on My Baby (Detroit).

ACIDPIMP has been very busy recently, producing the most visually laced live-streams of the Covid quarantine (featured on channels like Paxahau and, and meticulously crafting dozens of new acid tracks featured in his most recent DJ sets. The first of the latest batch, Acid Clock EP, has been released on Japan's Acid Worx in November 2021. Tom has also founded House of the Conscious Mind in 2021, a non-theistic religion dedicated to repetitive music. In 2022 we look forward to many more new acidpimp releases including a full length LP set to release summer of 2022.

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